【NEWS UPDATED】AW22 exhibition has started at JOOR.

【NEWS UPDATED】AW22 exhibition has started at JOOR.


Nissen Factory Co., Ltd

Established in Okayama, an area renowned for denim

Nissen Factory was founded in Kurashiki, Okayama, an area known for its dyeing industry from old times.
It specialises in the dyeing and washing process of denim production. Known as the “Nissen factory of dyeing” it receives many orders within Japan and from abroad.

Consideration for the environment and safety

Kurashiki is an area with strict guidelines for the protection of the natural environment due to the presence of Seto Inner Sea National Park. We make great efforts to protect the natural environment by completely purifying our dyeing process water before discharge.

Product dyeing

Making use of our rich experience in fabric dyeing as well as our accumulated data, we have advanced our know-how in dyeing already sewn products such as jeans, shirts and pants, to dyeing bags, hats, scarves and more.

Established unique techniquesbased on research and improvement

We have established our own techniques such as our selection of dyes and chemicals for specific fibres or adjusting dyeing conditions such as temperature and time, through continued research and improvement.
We also conduct joint tests with parts makers of fasteners and buttons.