Craftsmanship of Japan
( Make in Japan )

IKIJI was founded in Japan by a group of craftsman with outstanding skills. Our products include cut & sewn, shirts, leather accessories and denim. We have created a network of top-class factories in Japan, producing high quality products with years of accumulated skills and know-how.

From the development of materials and creation of samples to production, our high quality manufacturing is made possible through our history and the trust that we have established over the years. This is the strength of IKIJI.


IKIJI was born in Sumida ward, which is said to be the cradle of Japanese knitting.
It is also the place where the world renowned ukiyo-e artist Hokusai was born and raised.

From then until this day, diverse craftsmen and artists continue to be based in this unique place rich in history, tradition and culture, where the Edo spirit of ‘Iki’ (see below) and community lives on to this day.

IKIJI was founded by craftsmen who have inherited the tradition and spirit of Edo, creating products that match modern lifestyles. Now, IKIJI’s network of craftsmen incorporates artisans across Japan.


At the root of IKIJI is the word ‘iki’. Historically, ‘iki’ refers to the aesthetic of Edo’s common people. It does not merely refer to visual beauty but a sense of playfulness or even eroticism that can be subtly appreciated among the initiated. Iki can be expressed in diverse ways such as style, behaviour and speech. It is a way of being.

IKIJI’s mission is to express this Japanese aesthetic of iki in today's fashion, which is considered a difficult challenge in modern style.

Our contribution to the region and its society

Our region has been rich in culture since old times. This rich environment was the context that allowed fine craftsmanship to establish itself and flourish here. Ikiji too was nurtured in this region and its society over many years. We seek to acknowledge this debt by keeping our core activities in the region, supporting the community and helping continue the tradition of craftsmanship in Japan.

The story behind the logo

The IKIJI logo is based on the tsura-no-kawaume which depicts a face on plum petals and means ‘much good fortune’. It was originally designed by Santo Kyoden (ukiyo-e artist and creator in the Edo period) as a parody of a famous plum pattern drawn by Ogata Korin (a renowned painter of the Edo period).
To us the logo represents our connection and debt to the artists and craftsmen of the past in all aspects of their creativity, both thoughtful and cheerful.
Our hope behind the logo is for much good fortune to come to those who wear IKIJI.