【NEWS UPDATED】AW22 exhibition has started at JOOR.

【NEWS UPDATED】AW22 exhibition has started at JOOR.


Winthrop Co., Ltd

Specialised maker for sewing shirts

Winthrop Co. was established in 1939 as a shirt sewing factory in Sumida ward, Tokyo, a place renowned for its artists and craftsmen.
Currently it has seven factories in Japan and one in Thailand producing men's and women's shirts and pants, boasting top-class technology and quality in the industry.

Top number of clients in Japan

Based on the trust that we have established over the years, we receive many orders from famous fashion brands in Japan and abroad. Currently we are the number one company in Japan in terms of the number of clients.

Our Speciality

We combine Winthrop's sewing expertise with pattern, print, material and dyeing production handled by craftsmen and factories with the best technology in Japan.
Our highest priority is to create products that pursue comfort.