【NEWS UPDATED】AW23 exhibition (PITTI UOMO, Talent To Trend showroom, JOOR digital showroom).

【NEWS UPDATED】AW23 exhibition (PITTI UOMO, Talent To Trend showroom, JOOR digital showroom).


Ninomiya Goroh Shohten, Ltd

Long-established leather craftsmen group

Since its founding in 1946, Ninomiya Goroh Shohten established a classic style with its traditional craftsmanship. From global brand OEM to its original items, they produce a wide range of products combining artisanal skill and cutting-edge equipment. From cutting and end thinning, to sewing and finishing, one craftsman handles the whole process

Outstanding leather goods made by hand

No matter how manufacturing technologies develop, our leather goods are always made by hand. From bags to purses and other small items, our products are handmade by our craftsmen with outstanding skill at each stage of production. Craftsmen with decades of experience create products through pattern making, mold insertion, cutting, preparation, sewing, metal attachment and finishing, with utmost attention.

Our speciality

All our leather products are originals, fully tailor made. We never use standardised products but use the most appropriate select leather, according to our customers’ requests and considering how the product will be used.
The finished product has a sense of warmth, something you cannot experience with machine made leather products.

Craftsmanship - combining traditional and new methods

At Ninomiya Goroh Shohten, skill succession from the master to the student is given to those who have cleared a rigorous assessment.
Each artisan is able to handle each stage of leather product making, based on the same production method that has been passed on from generation to generation.
When producing original products, such as those for luxury brands, the design is created imagining the person using the product.