Update a News page! STYLE OF IKIJI Part4

Update a News page! STYLE OF IKIJI Part4



2019/03/26 Tue


“Spending a day’s earnings within the day”


Unlike Edo culture versus court noble culture, samurai culture, it was the first birth of townsmen’s culture,

It is difficult to express the townsmen’s culture in a single word, but if you dare to say (“Spending a day’s earnings within the day”). I think that this was not simply the meaning of using the earning of the day within that day, but also the meaning of living a life that suits her (him). The reverse of the sense of living that you own things and get rich even if you borrow money to get things was the townsmen’s culture of Edo.


There are many people who want richness by owning things even nowadays, but because they are inexpensive, because they are branded products, things that are not necessary and things that are not used, are increased around themselves, under the circumstances, as we move to a lifestyle to find things really necessary now, to use for today, many people are looking for a spiritual richness rather than a material rich culture. I think that the representative language of that lifestyle is “LESS IS MORE”.


The fewer things there are, the richer in mind and life! It is a way of thinking. It is important that there are few, and making it less as much as possible of the things around us, we will only use the ones that are suitable for each use. It is only the life that takes advantage of the necessary things, excluding the useless things, that you can feel the richness from the things. “Spending a day’s earnings within the day”, that is, in line with the idea of ​​“LESS IS MORE”. There was something that Edo townsmen’s culture and Western minimalism had in common.


Edo townsmen’s culture was created for the first time by urban citizens in Japan, and “Edokko” (Tokyoite) who had a refined sense was the world’s first cosmopolitan that is world-class. IKIJI is a cosmopolitan brand that inherits the townsmen’s culture and is suitable for the modern world. It’s better than fashionable! It is a style that I would like to call IKI (stylish), Edo’s IKI for French CHIC.



  • Edo: Edo is the former name of Tokyo. Tokugawa shogunate ruled Japan from 1603 to 1868 and during this period, Tokyo was called as EDO.

Edokko means who was born and grown in EDO (TOKYO)