2019/03/27 Wed

Style of IKIJI Part2
Hanagoromo (Fancy Kimono)

it’s now season for cherry blossom viewing (Ohanami). Speaking of cherry blossom viewing, you will be reminded of “Nagaya no Hanami” (Cherry Blossom Viewing by the people lived in row house) with having a substitute for sake, omelet and fish cake, but this comic storytelling is the one from Kamigata (Kyoto and Osaka area were called as Kamigata), and not only food and drink but also things to wear, It was also a substitute. They went to fashion, and putting on paper Haori Coat, putting a black paper on the basket making it as bowler hat and drawing clothes on a naked body using ink. And went to see Cherry Blossom viewing. In the Edo (Tokyo) area, this part is skipped and it has been simplified a little, but in Kamigata, it is famous comic storytelling named as “Binbo Hanami” (Poverty- Cherry blossom viewing).

In Edo, cherry blossom viewing is the event to see cherry blossom, but it was also a social place under the spring’s coming. It is said as Hanagoromo (fancy kimono) and young women make new clothes or rent a kimono for annual cherry blossom viewing, or sing or dance at cherry blossom viewing place with a matching kimono. It seems that they enjoyed it. Of course, men go to cherry blossom viewing to see the performance of their shiny women more than cherry blossom.

And spring’s predecessor cherry blossom viewing was also a dating place. It was said that it was also the entrance of the happy course that you wish to meet in a beautiful cherry blossom viewing seat, and then go edible wild plants picking, clamming, summer field etc. ending up with wedding in the autumn. From the cold winter trees, plump budding are produced, flowers are blooming and lush new shoots are blowing, and it is probably in line with the natural flow that the final fruit will be grown.

So what is a modern men’s Hanagoromo (fancy kimono)? This is something that makes a woman standing out, and if it is suitable for the natural environment, the hooded field coat of IKIJI this season is the best. It is a thin, fine-denier, high-density textile typewriter cloth, which is excellent for cold weather and sudden spring rain. In particular, it is essential not to bring pollen into the house from the outside now, but this typewriter cloth is hard to adhere to pollen as the surface is rustle. We have also prepared a windbreaker blouson with the same material that is also recommendable.